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10 Things Every Website Should Have – Make It Happen!

There are 10 things every website should have. Your web design team here at Splatify follows these rules to a “T”.

1. Dumb it down – Simple to use / Clean Design

There are a lot of companies out there that want to add all the bells and whistles to a website, bogging and slowing it down. Your site is there to sell your business, not to have them go through a maze of design to get the information they are looking for.

“Create a theme for your website, Look at sites you frequent; chances are, they have a streamlined design. Clean layout equals awesome user interaction.”

2. Build Your Core – A Strong Base Is Everything!

  • Home — This is the page that gets view the most. News, Shopping, Informational sites, all of these need great home pages.
  • About Us — They need to know who you are, spread your story and let people know who you are.
  • Products/Services — Explain what it is that you do and offer, Product and services in detailed fashion. Pictures, Videos and Information.
  • Customer Testimonials — Reviews about your service can improve the confidence level of any customer.
  • Contact Us — make your information easy to access, contact forms, phone numbers and email address.

3. Use Strong Calls to Action

A Call to action is a must if you’re selling any type of product. Capturing future customers and generating sale is something we all want, a clear, explicit purpose. There’s no harm in telling people what you want from them, such as “call us for a quote” or even “order now!”

4. Sign Them Up!

If you are a company that has New Products frequently and/or a company that produces a lot of helpful articles or news. It is wise to have an email marketing campaign. We have a product that can help you out with that as well. Click Here for more details.

5. “Above the Fold” What really to do

People refer to above the fold as keeping the most important information approve the fold of your website. Above the fold is before someone has to scroll down on your website. Its best to keep your calls of action above this point.

6. Invest in Images and Videos

It is very important to have real images and videos of products, informational pieces (working out websites and news websites). These things help the consumer to interact with your website. The longer a person stays on your website, it will increase your chances to have the person return and/or buy from you.

7. Make It Easy to Contact You

Add your contact information everywhere. Make it easy for the consumer to reach you.

8. Add Customer Reviews

Adding reviews of your business increases the reputation and builds confidence in the consumer.

9. Get Personal

Always display staff bios and pages for the consumer to connect with. Getting personal builds trust and a one on one relationship with the consumer.

10. Make Friends with Google

SEO is key for long term growth in online business and personal site. Here at we have a team in place to get you at the top of your organic searches.