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How Can an SSL Benefit my Small Business

How Can an SSL Benefit My Small Businesses

Being a small business owner it’s hard to know what your website needs and what it doesn’t. People are quick to ask, is your website secure, are you protected? If you selling products online or have a contact form submitting sensitive data, this should be important to you.

What is an SSL – The Basics

The Internet is an amazing place because it is so easy to send and receive information online. If it’s basic non confidential information than taking extra precautions might not be necessary. But if you can secure sensitive personal information against unauthorized viewing, you should do it.

That’s where SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificates come in. SSLs allow you to encrypt the data sent from the visitors browser to your web server. The web browser such as FireFox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari establishes a connection with the web server using a complex process called “public key crytography” and a lot of math. That process is something we do not need to know about, just know it happens in the back end.

How can an SSL Benefit my Business

  1. Look Professional. Businesses that request for an SSL Certificate for its website must go through a vetting process by a Certificate Authority issuing the certificate.
  2. Increase Loyalty To Your Site. If your site uses account logins with personal data, you should have an SSL certificate already. Your site visitors will see their information is protected and feel comfortable coming back.
  3. Attract More Shoppers. If you are selling products online, shoppers are trained to check for an SSL. Without it, they might not even stay to see what products you have.
  4. Make Sales. At your shopping cart online, the SSL can close the sale. If you are using a reputable shopping cart, it will offer SSL to your buyers for you. Your website will display a lock and https:// in the address bar, bigger certificate authorities will even offer a site seal to display on your site.
  5. Protect Your Own Information. An SSL protects the information you both send and receive.