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Do Not Use a Free Email Address for Your Business

Do not use a free email address for your business

You made the move! You bought a domain name for your business and you want to know what to do next! Well, you should use that domain for a custom email address and set up a professional website. If you own your own domain name, do not use a free email address for your business like Gmail or Yahoo. If you do use one of these free email services you probably see advertisements or have numbers in your email address, such as It’s time to make your business a little bit more legit, purchase an email service to use your domain! Here are some things to think about when deciding if a branded email address connected to your business domain is worth it!

  1. Reduced Professionalism. Think about when you communicate with a company, if they responded from a Gmail or a Yahoo account would you consider them an established company? Most phishing attempts come from free email domains, so customers may be suspicious if they get an email from a Yahoo or Gmail domain. Make yourself stand out from competition by using a custom domain name!
  2. Your Username Should Be Relevant. A professional email address should follow a simple format. Your email address should contain your first name, your first and last name combined, or your first name and last initial then followed by the company domain. If you use a service like Gmail or Yahoo the odds of you getting something like that are next to nothing. You are going to end up with numbers in your email address or worst yet, a period. Avoid confusion by using a domain name for your email to keep it short!
  3. Free Email Accounts can be sent straight to Junk Mail Folders. Free email accounts are often filtered into the spam and junk messages. Many organizations associate public email accounts with viruses and malware, so you can send a message to somebody and they may never see it!
  4. Mixing Business with Pleasure. It’s never a good idea to mix business with pleasure, and email is included in that. If you are using a personal email account for your business it is only a matter of time before something goes wrong. You may accidentally add someone from the address to a personal message intended for someone else, avoid that by using your domain for your email address.
  5. Synchronization. If you use your email on multiple devices, an email account such as Gmail is nice in the fact that it will sync across all your devices. But imagine if your email, contacts, and calendars synced across.  This is possible by using Microsoft Hosted Exchange. You can create a calendar event on your phone and it will show up on your desktop immediately.