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Web Design

DJ Perez is a Web Designer born and raised in Phoenix, Az. Ever since a young age he knew web design would be the career path he wanted to go. He started off by learning graphic design with Photoshop, DJ would sign up to forums and go through tutorials trying to improve his skill day by day. Back then, Microsoft Frontpage was the web design program of choice, DJ would create web pages for his favorite athletes or family members just for fun!

DJ Perez got an Associates Degree in Computer Information Systems with a Concentration in Web Design from Paradise Valley Community College. He also received a Certificate in Web Design as well as a Certificate in Web Development. From there he transferred to Arizona State University to pursue his Bachelors Degree. During his time at Arizona State he started a job at At GoDaddy he really learned how the Internet worked. He gained a vast knowledge in DNS, Web Hosting, Email Services as well as how SSL Certificates work. In 2013, DJ Perez graduated from Arizona State University with his Bachelors Degree in Computer Information Systems.

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