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Professional Photography – You need it on your website

Professional Photography – You need it on your website!

I’m sure you have been on a website, where the layout was easy to navigate, the information was there but you were left thinking to yourself, this site just doesn’t do it for me! You look at the site closer trying to put your finger on why it just doesn’t appeal to you. Then you realize the photos looks like they are stretched or they appear blurry. You realize that the photos and graphics on the website are low quality and look like they have been taken with a camera phone 5 years old. This tells you, professional photography – you need it on your website!

You can hire a professional web designer but if you give them low quality images, it puts a ceiling on how awesome your website can look. Cheap photography can cheapen even the most beautifully designed sites. This can impact the user experience on your website and bounce people off before they even get the information they need.

Take a look at the example below, you’ll see a picture of a basketball, one photo is stock and the other is professional taken in the environment the site wants you to feel. It’s clear which one is more powerful!


The goal is to have visitors impressed when they visit your website. If you have a website that looks professionally done in all aspects including photography, they will get the same feeling about your business. It shows you care how your business is portrayed.

Like all businesses, I understand that you have a budget, but take a look at some of the options below to help take your website to that next level.

  1. Hire a Professional Photographer. If you have a store front, such as a Barbershop or a Window Tinting Business, it’s important the customers see your shop on the website. Having pictures taken in well lit situations in high quality can really sell them in going to your store. If the picture looks welcoming it will make them feel comfortable going there!
  2. Have Us Recommend Stock Photography to Purchase. When we are designing the website, we know what pictures would look great on each page! Let us recommend from a stock photography site like pictures that will best fit the sites aesthetics and user experience.
  3. You choose pictures from professional stock photos online. You don’t have the budget to have us pick the photos for you, you can always go online and find some yourself that closest represents your business or message. Ask us for some of the popular sites and we can tell you which ones to use! Once you purchase the rights to use those photos you can send them to us in a zip file and we can implement them on the website as we see fit.

The one thing I want you take from this is having great photos with a beautifully designed site can really make your site memorable and have them coming back!


Signing off,

DJ Perez